Saturday, August 17, 2013

File Birthday Card

The other night my husband asked me if I could make his brother a birthday card and I immediately thought of this coluzzle file template that I have had for about 7 years and hadn't even opened.  I don't know why I am just now using it. I mean, it was a pretty big deal to get it. I sent my aunt in UT on a wild goose chase to purchase it from Hobby Lobby since there weren't any stores near me in Virginia. She mailed it to me and it sat for 7 years! 7 years!  Terrible, I tell you! I swear, from this point on I'll use it more. 

Washi tape is all the craze right now and understandably so. They come in many colors and prints. Its self adhesive and doesn't ruin your paper trying to peel it off if you decide you don't like the position it's in. It's easy to tear and gives a project a simple, something nice. Well, since this card is for my brother in law I looked at the few "washi's" (if it's not a word, it's a word now, lol) I had and they were all too girly for this masculine card. So I dug into my paper scraps and pulled out a few that would go great with one another and, voila! My second favorite thing on this card is the candle. I stuck an inch of bakers twine inside a 1 1/2 "x1" inch paper and put adhesive on one side so that when I rolled it as tight as can be, it would hold together. The end result was a life like birthday candle which I've seen on many birthday cards on the web. Sweet idea whoever came up with it.  

I have a confession, I have a hangup about giving a handmade card to the male species, other than my husband, that is. I guess it's because I feel they won't appreciate a handmade work of art the way we ladies do, but I'm pretty sure my brother in law will appreciate this card not only because of the work put into it but especially what was put on the inside.....the girls' art work. They love them some "Uncle Darrell".  Just one mention of his name and they immediately jump to, "uncle Darrell's coming?!" (He lives 2 hrs away).  I had my girls write, draw, scribble on the inside and that's when I realized that my 4 year old knows how to write her name. lol. Some mother, huh?! I knew she knew how to draw an M, but didn't know she had picked up the Y and A.  It's been something we work on from time to time since she stays home with me. She's one smart cookie!


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