Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've been slacking on my blog. We've had an eventful New Year. My husband had to deploy and that took me a week or two to get it together and get my big girl panties on. Just when things were looking up my girls and I got sick. Mya had it the worse. She had fever for a week, good for the next week, then fever for another week and a cough that lasted a whole month! Finally, (knock on wood), we are back to normal and trying to keep ourselves busy to pass the time.

Something I did to pass time was volunteering to be demo of the month for my upline. It was suppose to be for February, but because being sick put me and my girls out for a couple of weeks, I was given an extra month to get my projects in. I was so nervous not knowing if my skills were enough to woo anyone, but when i turned them in everyone thought I did a great job. I was so relieved, PHEW!!! It was mind boggling for me, because I'm a perfectionist. I went back and forth just to decide on the final creation! So, If you wanna take a look head on over to Lisa Freeman's blog at, beware of my big mug when you open up her page, it scared me. haha.

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