Monday, December 2, 2013

Another craft show in the books

I was hoping to get ahead with this second craft show, but that didn't happen. When will I ever learn?! Throughout the holiday  I was stuck in my craft room playing catch up. Thankfully, I had the help of my aunt. It made things a lot easier.

It was pretty slow so I wasn't as successful this time around, but at least I made a little something. Always happy about that. In the meantime, the lady next to me kept me company and we had some good laughs, mainly at my expense. I was so hungry I was eyeballing some sweet potato chips which turned out to be doggie treats. A customer asked if she could see if the flower I was wearing would match the scarf she wanted. As I handed it to her I noticed it was covered in buffalo sauce from my lunch. Aye yi yi!  Good thing she found the right flower and bought 3 of my t-shirt scarves!!!

My mom and grandparents stopped by to say hi and snap a not so flattering shot of me and my table. I tried to take some pictures of a few of the things I made from behind the table since I was literally stuck. I had about 5 inches of space to get in and out which was a bit difficult because I had my ornament tree, ready to poke my eye out at any moment. Gonna have to make some adjustments next time around. Lol 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prayer Journal

I take pleasure in making gifts for my friends and family. Probably a little too much, because I rarely make anything for myself. haha. I had started on a "just because" gift for a friend of mine. We recently had been planning a craft for the girls in a ministry that our husband's take part in. It's a ministry geared towards Native American college students who love the Lord or are seeking. I've made many journals in the past and thought it would be a perfect craft for the girls to do. I showed her my journal and she loved it. Thats when I made up my mind that I was going to make her her very own. I emailed her husband to assist me in her likes...her favorite colors, her favorite verse.  Little did I know, as I was scrolling Facebook I learned it was her birthday today. What great timing! I got on it right away, finished it up, and made a card to go with it.

I have clear washi stamps that I've been eager to use, but was disappointed when I stamped the image on the card.  It was not a crisp clean picture that I had hoped for. Once again, clear stamps have not lived up to my expectations. I have yet to find good quality clear stamps.  Instead of the washi tape stamps, I used paper, just like I did in my file folder birthday card (A few posts below). 

I'm very happy with it and I know she'll love it.  I'm very blessed that God placed her in my life when He did.  We haven't known each other that long but as soon as we met her and her husband, we knew it was all God.  I look forward to seeing our friendship blossom.

(sorry for the poor picture quality)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

T-shirt Scarf

I had an upcoming craft fair and wondered what I should sell. So I created a few scarves from t-shirts (an idea my friend shared with me from youtube) and totally got carried away with the different colors and the flowers to match, all from a t-shirt! I prepared night and day.

I tried not to over do it with spending on things that I felt I needed but it didn't work out that way. lol. At least I have these things for my next craft show. One of the necessities I absolutely had to have was something to display my scarves. Pinterest is always the place to go for ideas on just about everything. I seen this post and knew I had to recreate it....well, I guess I should say my sister had to recreate it.  I was nose deep with all my other crafts since it was a very last minute decision and I hardly had any inventory. This would be my very first craft show. I was going bonkers with what to do.

My poor sister was poked and stabbed but she made it work, PERFECTLY! I was super pleased with how it turned out. Not to mention, I think I did pretty well in sales for my first time. I was so nervous that I had a friend volunteer her sister to sell with me. I'm glad she did! She turned out to be such a sweetheart and we enjoyed ourselves and the time passed by so quickly.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

File Birthday Card

The other night my husband asked me if I could make his brother a birthday card and I immediately thought of this coluzzle file template that I have had for about 7 years and hadn't even opened.  I don't know why I am just now using it. I mean, it was a pretty big deal to get it. I sent my aunt in UT on a wild goose chase to purchase it from Hobby Lobby since there weren't any stores near me in Virginia. She mailed it to me and it sat for 7 years! 7 years!  Terrible, I tell you! I swear, from this point on I'll use it more. 

Washi tape is all the craze right now and understandably so. They come in many colors and prints. Its self adhesive and doesn't ruin your paper trying to peel it off if you decide you don't like the position it's in. It's easy to tear and gives a project a simple, something nice. Well, since this card is for my brother in law I looked at the few "washi's" (if it's not a word, it's a word now, lol) I had and they were all too girly for this masculine card. So I dug into my paper scraps and pulled out a few that would go great with one another and, voila! My second favorite thing on this card is the candle. I stuck an inch of bakers twine inside a 1 1/2 "x1" inch paper and put adhesive on one side so that when I rolled it as tight as can be, it would hold together. The end result was a life like birthday candle which I've seen on many birthday cards on the web. Sweet idea whoever came up with it.  

I have a confession, I have a hangup about giving a handmade card to the male species, other than my husband, that is. I guess it's because I feel they won't appreciate a handmade work of art the way we ladies do, but I'm pretty sure my brother in law will appreciate this card not only because of the work put into it but especially what was put on the inside.....the girls' art work. They love them some "Uncle Darrell".  Just one mention of his name and they immediately jump to, "uncle Darrell's coming?!" (He lives 2 hrs away).  I had my girls write, draw, scribble on the inside and that's when I realized that my 4 year old knows how to write her name. lol. Some mother, huh?! I knew she knew how to draw an M, but didn't know she had picked up the Y and A.  It's been something we work on from time to time since she stays home with me. She's one smart cookie!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Up-cycling at it's best!

Years ago, when my very crafty talented aunt introduced me to paper crafts it was all about scrapbooks. I was so proud of my first finished book.  It was a masterpiece of my first child's first year and it pretty much covered everything, from conception (not exactly, lol) to 1st birthday. It took me 2 years to complete and that was in 2006! I'm sad to say that she will probably be the only child who will ever get such detailed work. My second baby's book is still a work in progress, she's now 4 (as I sadly hang my head).  Since then I have maybe completed 20-30 books and out of those, about 4 are mine. What can I say, I get carried away making gifts for everyone but myself. hehe.  Months ago, I had a fellow crafty friend show me her mini scrapbook and I couldn't believe that it was made from TOILET PAPER ROLLS! You can bet that I was on it! I may have used a few more squares each time I used the restroom and I didn't flip my lid when the girls would carelessly let the TP unroll and roll.  LOL. In no time I was ready to start!

It's up to you how many rolls you want to use, 3, 4, possibly 5? It would depend on what size ring you have.  Once you've collected your rolls and removed all the extra pieces of TP flatten it with a bone folder and then paint whatever color you desire. The only areas you really need to paint are a 1/2 to 3/4 inch perimeter on the front and back of the flattened roll and also on both inside edges of the roll.  One of the greatest things about this project is that it's a perfect way to make use of your scraps because it's so small.  You also have the option of adding an insert which gives you more sides to decorate. Make sure they are sturdier than card stock. You can up-cycle a cereal box and cover both sides with scrap-booking paper for the inserts. Don't forget that it will have to be trimmed a bit smaller so it can slide in and out easily. As for the photos, it's totally up to you how many sides you want covered with a wallet sized pic. You cannot go wrong. We all have different styles so have lots of fun with it.

Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Back to School!

Summer went by way to fast! I'm use to school starting after the labor day weekend. No more late night crafting and sleeping in.  I might not be too excited for the fact it effects my current schedule but it also shows me that my little girl is growing way to fast. We were able to meet her teacher last week and I'm happy to announce that she seems to be very down to earth and sweet. Thankfully, we have been blessed thus far.  To show our teachers thanks I love to shower them with gifts through out the year. With this gift, I got the idea from the $1 section of Target. There were so many cute things in the bins it was hard to decide. I kept it sweet and simple and I used my Cricut to make the apple tag and My digital Studio (software from Stampin Up!) to make the paper note.

Monday, August 5, 2013

A New Journey

It's been over a year since I have posted. What can I say, life has been a whirlwind. We took a leap of faith and uprooted our family from Virginia to AZ to be closer to our family when my husband got out of the military. It's been a roller coaster, but I'm holding on to God's promise of a great plan for us. I am a former Stampin Up Demonstrator. With the move it was a bit hard to concentrate on my business, especially not knowing anyone in the area.  I'm still crafting in my spare time and it got me thinking, "How great it would be to make some extra cash in the process by doing something I love!"  If you lack the creative capability or even the time and you are looking for someone to make a scrapbook, card, invitations, party favors, framed art, cupcake toppers, anything paper craft, I'm your gal! In my opinion, there is nothing more special than a handmade gift.

Here are some of the projects I've done this past year. 

Cupcake Toppers

The best part of my projects is that I can personalize them to your liking. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Obviously, with the wide range of paper crafts, prices will vary depending on products used and the love put into the projects. Even if you are unsure of what you want I can point you in the right direction:)